November 24, 2005

Africa Proof Stomach

Sorry for the delay…I wanted to write sooner but I seem to really badly manage my time! Since the last post, Malawi has finally had some rain, a little, not enough but some. With the rain comes sticky air, stormy skies, and high temperatures. Rain also caused major water cuts, which is what I believe got me to the emergency room in a wheelchair last Wednesday… (Dirty water = upset stomach, especially a French stomach!) I spent one week in bed, lost 3 kg to some weird African stomach bug, but all is well, I gained them right back when spending the following weekend up at the lake! I am sorry I have not taken many new pictures, I promise I will soon. As for work, well things are moving along! I am volunteering with 3 different organisations. At Joshua, I have started conducting an assessment of past and present activities in order to evaluate the organisation’s worth and make relevant recommendations for improvement. At Mable’s foundation, I am a writer. After two years of self-funding, the director wants to put together a proposal to show his motivation and potential to international donors. This organisation focuses on women’s empowerment through 3 main programmes: a literacy programme, a sustainable economic enhancement program and a women’s rights advocacy programme. So my feminist self fits right in! The third NGO called AYISE (Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement) concentrates on youth action programmes. It offers various training and workshops to help Malawian youngsters tackle Malawian social and economic issues. For this NGO, I might travel to conferences and report back valuable information in writing. I just recently met this last one and we are still discussing how my services could best be used! There are no websites available for these NGOs as Malawian structures do not support wide internet services. That’s all for now, I am still settling in! I met two French girls this week and we are going together to the lake Friday. It’s good to get a little taste of home far away from home!

Donc après 1 semaine de maladie a l’africaine, pendant laquelle ma petite soeur etait egalement souffrante (appendicite!!! La pauvre petite !) je suis enfin de retour pour vous donner des nouvelles ! Comme je l’explique en anglais, je commence a me faire une petite routine. Je travaille avec 3 ONG et le travail parait plutot interessant (je commence tout juste avec 2 d’entres elles). Je sors presque tous les soirs pour diner ou simplement pour prendre un verre avec les copains apres la journee de travail (donc a 17h00 !!) Les copains sont pour la plupart medecins, infirmieres et surtout sage-femmes, profs, chercheurs et volontaires comme moi. Ils sont tous la pour des periodes de 1 a 3 ans et beaucoup ne desirent pas rentrer dans leur pays tout de suite. Je suis celle qui reste le moins longtemps, mis a part les touristes bien sur. Mais moi je n’ai pas de contrat donc j’estime que 6 mois c’est asse ! J’espere aquerir asse d’experience pour pouvoir postuler dans differentes ONGs en Afrique de l’Ouest l’annee prochaine en gestion et coordination de projet. Pour l’instant c’est bien parti pour. Il me reste encore a developper des contacts avec les pays africains francophones ! Je reflechis aussi a la possibilite de refaire un master pro en France. Il me manque certaines notions en gestion, surtout pour tout ce qui concerne les sous !! Va falloir faire de la compta...berk.... donc si vous entendez parler de master pro gestion projet de developpement....n’hesitez pas a m’envoyer les details !
Alle, bisous !


Anonymous La Jul' said...

Hey there!
WOW, you impress me, you are absolutely amazing, you know that??
You look great in the picture, it's so nice to finally see you!!!
Even though you are having a hell of a time there, I'm counting the days until your return....
Love you Sis
And miss you tons!
La Jul.

November 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, my dear... Seems that you're quite pleased out there... nice pictures...
Besos, Diana

December 02, 2005  
Blogger andiepax said...

Hey, nice to hear about you,
I will come and visit you often in your blog, take a look in mine as well...I am glad and that you are doing fine after the stomach events....CIAO BELLA, take care!

December 03, 2005  

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