December 20, 2005

long overdue news... and I forgot the pics on my hard drive...

Last Friday was the last day of school for Malawians. The two international schools closed down and 24 hours later all the foreign teachers along with many other expats boarded onto the Blantyre plane to London via Johannesburg. Most families reunite during the holiday seasons. My mom and I long debated on the subject but we decided against it. Malawi is a better place to travel to in March, when the rain stops, the maize is harvested and one can finally see the wild animals move about the bush! So, I am left behind to spend Xmas with friends in a Game park among elephants and rhinos! Then, if an elephant does not stomp me, I should be spending the New Year at a lodge in Cape Maclear on the lake Malawi shores. I was planning on spending the whole week there, but I have a lot of work to finish before 2006… Fortunately, my life just got easier, I am finally driving a car! No more suicidal rides in rotten mini buses! Yes! Independence! I am taking full advantage! It’s helping for work a lot too.

After being exposed to the Joshua organization for 2 months, I am just starting to understand how, where, when, and why it operates. It was no easy task! I should start writing my report in a week. I still have to make some surprise visits to the various centers to monitor the activities. However, although having a car helps, the rain kinda gets in the way… Most of the villages are located in remote rural areas and are only accessible by dirt roads. And the rain has rendered these roads impractical… mudslides... my car is not a four-wheel drive! I’ll make a plan!

My work has expanded a bit more since Sylvia left to the UK. In 2 days, I found myself directing a whole new volunteer program for Joshua. 2 Canadian girls randomly arrived last Thursday at Doogles (the local backpacker and bar/food place, regular hang out). I only had time to figure out how they could help out on my way there to fetch them… The weekend was just around the corner and I used it to introduce them to a lot of people and places in Blantyre. I am quite an expert now, to my own surprise! We went to Mulanje (waterfall pictures) and out to Doogles for food and drinks quite a few times already! Tuesday night was happy hour there and I unintentionally recruited two more volunteers, a Canadian and an American girl. Good thing I have a car now! So things are going well and I am gaining a lot of experience for sure! I am a program manager, project coordinator, communication officer, driver, assessment officer! By the end of this trip, I’ll have had a feel of all the job positions within the NGO sector! Let’s hope recruiters will think the same! So should I really go back to school?

I’m sorry I am not writing more personal emails but my schedule is pretty full. I have lots to do with Joshua, still editing a training manual for outgoing Malawian volunteers, and writing funding proposals for a complete different NGO, Mable’s Foundation for Women’s Empowerment. Miss you all lots!

Sorry I forgot to take the pictures on my flash disk... been real busy... losing it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mais c'est tout un programme!
toujours que du plaisir à te lire.
on pense aussi très fort à toi.
on t'embrasse,

Piero et gaelle

January 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's alright not to write personal e-mails anymore... such life seems to be so demanding, that we all understand.

January 17, 2006  

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